Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you more likely to win 4D on your birthday, with your birth date?

In the 4D lottery, you select a 4-digit number, from 0000 to 999. If your number is amongst the 23 numbers chosen in a thrice-weekly draw, you win a cash prize.

 Feeling lucky during your birthday? Should you bet with your birth date (e.g. 1501 for 15 Jan)?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Are the 7 long weekends in 2015 truly a "bumper crop"?

A long weekend occurs when a public holiday falls on a Monday, Friday, or Sunday (when a public holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday is also a holiday). This makes three out of seven days, which means that the odds of a long weekend are pretty high, at slightly under half.

For 2015, we have long weekends on 7 out of the 11 public holidays, a "bumper crop", according to the Straits Times. Is this truly a long weekend bonanza, or something closer to the theoretical average?